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How To Stain A Deck

Deck Stain / October 10, 2018 / Charlotte Mcneely.

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A most important source of problems and complaints about every one wood finishes is over application of the coating. Many do it your selfers, and some painting contractors consider that when it comes to staining, more is better. It is just not the case and is mainly a problem for decks. The majority of deck finishes are designed to penetrate the facade of the wood. Putting too much of these coatings on the forest leads to a buildup of material, forming a film which can, in the end, peel or crack. For water repellent products, over application can effect in a shell which is overly waxy, sticky, or slick. Over applied stains will over and over again result in sticky surfaces since the coating buildup interferes with their capability to dry correctly.

Surface Preparation for staining a wood deck
Proper surface preparation is a significant factor in the eventual performance of coatings for pressure-treated wood or any wood surface. Covers are supposed to be clean, dry, and free of mildew previous to coatings are applied.

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Stain Application Guidelines:
Earlier to use, mix all cans mutually to ensure uniform color. Even though you are using a standard factory mixed color, you should not get rid of this step. You need to an assured that you are starting with the same color and even factory mixed colors can be different from batch to batch. Get an empty 5-gallon pail and put in up to 4 gallons of stain. Mix systematically using a long 3' or so 1" x 2" or mixing paddle. Regularly stir during application. As soon as you get down to the one to two-gallon level add another gallon if you are using a large amount for the entire job. By adding new material at intervals like this little color differences will not a noticed if there is a small dissimilarity in color between batches. Before applying stain, test on a sample piece of wood from your deck or in an out of the way place, to confirm the color and look you want.

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